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MineMod+ for Minecraft

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From the Creator of MulMod with over 2.8 million downloads.MineMod,
MineMod is an advanced Survival and Gameplay mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition.
A lot of you have complaints about MulMod and were listening. Some said that it was too difficult, while some just didnt understand and even thought it was a game. So weve fixed that, with easy installation and a simpler UI what could go wrong?
Okay, okay; What do I get for downloading this free app?
Im glad you asked.MineMod comes with multiple features including but not limited to:
Slime Blocks(ID: 500)Slime BallsIce BoostUltraTNTFlashlightTemperatureZoomSnow,And more!
Count me in... Uh, how do I install it?
Now with two easy steps!Before you start make sure you have this app, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and BlockLauncher installed. Now lets begin.
1: Click "Install Latest Update" in this app.2: Open block launcher, click the wrench, select "Manage ModPE Scripts"(Ensure it is enabled), Click " Import" scroll down to the bottom and select "MineMod.js" and Play!
Yes, thats all!A video tutorial will be coming soon.
We love your feedback.If you have any questions please email me, do not ask in the reviews. I cant check every review because Im making more awesome stuff for all of you.